The adventure begins!

In Spring 2022

Crow Walking
  • A crow who is not what he seems.
  • A mother's secret past.
  • A power-mad emperor with an enchanted army.
  • The fate of two worlds at stake.
  • And a race against time to rescue a kidnapped little brother...

Twelve-year-old Ty never expected seventh grade to be this complicated!

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Book 1

Coming Spring 2022!

Book 2

Coming Soon!

Book 3

Coming Soon!


About the Author

Walking crow

Nathalie Thompson lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her two awesome kids and a very demanding cat. When she's not building web things you can either find her wrangling plot bunnies or binge-watching episodes of Doctor Who and Babylon 5. Nathalie believes coffee and pumpkin muffins are important food groups and suspects her cat is secretly plotting to take over the world. She enjoys talking to the neighbourhood crows (most days), but wishes they would stop nagging her about not having finished their stories yet.